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Pastiche of the Marmite Gene Test ad for the charity Mind

The Brief:

Create a new ad for a brand of your choice that is a pastiche of your case study advert.

The pastiche should be easily recognisable to the original but for a brand in a different sector.
[The Marmite Gene Test]. 👈Click to watch original 

The Ad concept:

By re editing the footage I tried to create a three part narrative.

Firstly the people are hesitant - the awkward build up to say something important.

The middle is when they open up and reveal what they wished to speak about. Something that half of people affected are not doing. This leads to some emotional conversations and we see the struggle of initially bringing up sensitive topics.

The ad concludes with a redemption, showing the positive outcome of one of the characters speaking out; as we see the father and son hug each other.

The endline, 'we're here' fits with what we imagine the father is saying to his son in support.

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